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Medical Assistance

Mediline Group Assistance was established

In 2011 to organize examination and treatment of persons outside the country, as well as to provide medical, road assistance and travel assistance services to international visitors who come to Azerbaijan for this reason. In a short period of time, we have expanded our scope of activity within the growing needs and wants of our customers. The importance we attach to our customers' expectations has made us a leading institution in the sector today. Our activity is complemented by a very diverse client profile from different sectors. Today, we provide services 24/7 with our team of specialists in every subject in a wide geography, including Turkey and Azerbaijan, Europe, the Caucasus and other regions.


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21 countries
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Customers need absolute peace of mind wherever and whenever they travel; whether it’s dealing with a lost passport or arranging an emergency medical evacuation, our expert global team provides timely travel and medical assistance getting customers back on track or back home quickly and safely.

We ensure our customers with these comprehensive travel services:

Pre-travel advice including vaccination and visa requirements

Emergency document delivery

Embassy referrals Legal referrals

Legal referrals and appointments

Interpreter referral

Lost luggage and passport assistance

Reporting lost and stolen cards and emergency cash advances

Medical assistance advise and referrals

Repatriation and evacuation assistance

Our medical assistance services include:

Medical advice and referrals to doctors, specialists, clinics, dentists,
and other medical service providers

Hospital admission arrangements

Monitoring of medical conditions during and after hospitalizations

Guarantee of medical payment in local currency

Delivery of essential medication



Our fully integrated suite of airport services aims to enhance all aspects

Our fast-track Meet & Assist service uncomplicates every step of your customers’ airport journey as airport agents guide them through all arrival or departure formalities

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